DEC 14, 2017
Bumblefoot (one-man show) at
Hard Rock Cafe
Pittsburgh, PA
Facebook Event page
*All Ages* (Under 21 with Parent / Legal Guardian)

DEC 15, 2017
Bumblefoot (one-man show) at
Top Fuel Saloon
Braidwood, IL
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*All Ages*

DEC 16, 2017
Bumblefoot acoustic show at
The Firehouse
Richmond, IN
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*All Ages*

DEC 21, 2017
Bumblefoot (one-man show) at
Dallas, TX
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*All Ages*

DEC 22, 2017
Bumblefoot (one-man show) at
BFE Rock Club
Houston, TX

DEC 23, 2017
Bumblefoot (one-man show) at
The Rock Box
San Antonio, TX
Facebook Event page
*All Ages*

DEC 29, 2017
Bumblefoot (one-man show) at
Liquid Joe's
Salt Lake City, UT
*Age 21 & over*

DEC 30, 2017
Bumblefoot (one-man show) at
The Funhouse
Seattle, WA
Facebook Event page
*All Ages*



JAN 21-25, 2018
Performing w/ "The Stowaways" All-Star band at
Shiprocked Music Cruise

FEB 3-8, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Cruise To The Edge Music Cruise

FEB 9, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Magic City Casino
Miami, FL

FEB 11, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Plaza Live
Orlando, FL

FEB 12, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Variety Theater
Atlanta, GA

FEB 13, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Cat's Cradle
Carrboro, NC

FEB 15, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
House Of Independants
Asbury Park, NJ

FEB 16, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY

FEB 17, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Music Factory
Battle Creek, MI

FEB 18, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
The Forge
Joliet, IL

JUN 22, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Hellfest festival
Clisson, France

JUN 23, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Graspop festival
Dessel, Belgium

JUN 24, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Teatro Degli Arcimbodi festival
Milan, Italy

JUN 30, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Be Prog! My Friend festival
Barcelona, Spain
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JUL 1, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Ramblin' Man festival
Maidstone, England

JUL 14, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Dynamo Metal Fest
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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AUG 18, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Prog In Park Fest
Warsaw, Poland
Facebook Event page

SEP 22, 2018
Sons Of Apollo at
Ancient Roman Theater
Plovdiv, Bulgaria



MAY 16, 2017


Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal has signed a deal with EMP Label Group, who will re-release his 2015 independent solo release, Little Brother Is Watching, on CD and vinyl double LP on August 25th, 2017.

Bumblefoot "Little Brother Is Watching" on CD, and for the first time on limited-edition double-gatefold VINYL LP, and in a deluxe CD/LP/t-shirt bundle!!

A limited number will come signed, order at

WED. DEC 21, 2016

Shrapnel-era '90s Albums Re-Release

The Shrapnel-era album re-release is almost here! Pre-order now to get access to bonus content, track premieres and more...

 *Remixed / remastered "Hermit" album
*Albums released on vinyl for the first time
*Unreleased bonus tracks on "The Adventures Of Bumblefoot" & "Hermit" albums
*A Day With Bumblefoot - attend Interview session, lunch & 3-hour group masterclass
*A Night With Bumblefoot - exclusive concert & jamming together
*Offerings include hot sauces, signed albums, exclusive shirt, mini-guitars,
"Adventures Of Bumblefoot" transcription book, guitar straps...
more to come!

MON. NOV 23, 2015

"Don't Know Who To Pray To Anymore" music video - exclusive premiere by has premiered the ambitious music video for "Don't Know Who to Pray to Anymore" from the latest Bumblefoot album Little Brother Is Watching.

Clocking in at over seven minutes, "Don't Know Who to Pray to Anymore" is a true return to form for the epic music video format, with storyline footage showcasing characters in various stages of life, from childhood to adult, hitting an emotional 'rock bottom', faced with a life-changing choice. The stories are left open-ended, so you can ask yourself what choice you would make.

"This song speaks for those that feel lost, betrayed, disillusioned, when we question all we believe in. When we start to lash out, and punish ourselves." says Thal. "This is a song about being in this place, in our own personal purgatory. We know we need to heal, but we're not ready to let go."

Directed by Vojan Koceic, "Don't Know Who..." was a massive undertaking, filmed in three countries at 12 locations, including the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and gaining exclusive access to ancient Roman ruins by the Jordanian border, with the distinction of being the only music video to ever have been shot there (filmed by Director of Photography Ami Bornstein). Additional band performances were filmed in Croatia at the Fortress of Klis and the Diocletian Palace (locations seen on the TV show "Game of Thrones"), plus an additional 8 sets and featuring more than 50 actors.

"This video needed to be filmed in locations that have a deep historic and spiritual presence." says Thal. Additional filming locations included The Grianan of Aileach Ring Fort at a hilltop in Northern Ireland.

Watch the video at

TUE. APR 14, 2015

"Little Brother Is Watching" music video - exclusive premiere by

"Director Gabriella Loutfi took a real cinematic approach with the song subject - rather than showing the current evolution of Orwell's 1984 "Big Brother", we turned the clock back to 1984 BC, showing how power struggles for control and order are timeless. The video plays out like chapters of a story - dominating rule, a demand for instant gratification, a revolt and the tables turn. Gabriella gave a 'tip of the hat' to pioneer filmmakers like George Melies, often choosing organic methods rather than digital effects. An example is the drowning scenes - long blue and white sheets stretching across a room, each end held by crew, being rippled and waved by hand as the actors would descend between them."

"Big THANK YOU to Gabriella and the crew, actors & ol' friends, Lainie Speiser for hooking up our HQ NYC location and the wonderful guests Maryjean, Anju McIntyre & Lux Suicide... and of course the band! Dennis Leeflang (drums), Rocco Monterosso (guitar) & Frankie Italiano (bass). And the queen, "Mrs Foot"! Thank you for 'watching' the video, I hope you enjoy!"

Watch the video at

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