Q*Ball / Bumblefoot Interview for T.A.O.R.T.
OCT 2002

Welcome on the TAORT Show, thanks you two for being there for the interview, but first question: where are you? (In front of my screen is fine :))

Q: I don't think the question is "where am I?," but instead, "who am I?"  The answer to both is "Cleveland."

Now second question: who are you? (No not you Ron, we know who you are)

Q: I am Q*Ball, from the fourth moon of Sexylvania.  I am the 'meat' in meatball, the 'fuzz' in fuzzball, the 'soft' in softball, and the 'Q' in Q*Ball.

What kind of name is it?

Q: It's the name my mama gave me. She was on opium, but still...

Q*Ball, I read in your biography that you were a Chippendale, is that true? How does a dancer become a musician? And what instruments do you play?

Q: First of all, I'm way too hairy & skinny to have ever been a Chippendale.  A baboon, perhaps, but not a Chippendale.  Ask N*Sync how a dancer becomes a musician.  I play keyboards, piano & I sing.  I also doodle on the guitar, harmonica, accordion & kazoo, though I am not good at all at playing any of those.

What have you done before recording Q*Ball in Space (as a musician of course)?

Q: I sat outside The Empire State Building with my pet monkey, Mojo, & played carnival music for peanuts.  Mojo & I made quite a killing back in '93.  I was also the first male "music whore," selling my body for songs.  I've slept with the likes of Madonna, Patsy Cline, Diane Warren, Prince & Quincy Jones.

It seems that you’re a fan of Flash Gordon… Do you read a lot of Sci-Fi stuff or watch TV Show for your inspiration?

Q: I was always all about Ming the Merciless.  Flash is just too bland.  Ming & I have the same haircut & wardrobe.  I've always been inspired by TV & film, not so much sci-fi as cartoons, kung fu movies & The Muppets.  Fozzie Bear is an inspiration.

And you Ron, how could you describe your inspiration and how do you feed it?

BBF: How do I feed it? I feed it 3 times a day with a wooden spoon. And a glass of milk. I usually have to restrain it to keep it from biting me or spilling the milk.

Ron, you have produced Q*Ball’s CD… How did you meet him first? (Is he a guitar geek, too?)

BBF: When I had a studio in Brooklyn, I recorded Q*Ball's old band. I then recorded his not-so-old band, and eventually his new band. He is not a guitar-geek. He's a keyboard-geek.

What was your job as a producer?

BBF: My job was to shut up and hit the record button. And sometimes play guitar.

Q*Ball, how was it in studio with Mr. Foot?

Q: Lots of cats.  I'm allergic to cats.  But I never told Ronald, in fear that he would throw me out of the studio.  So I think we got along very well in spite of the cat problem.  Q*Ball loves all creatures of the animal kingdom.  Even cats.  And cats love Q*Ball.

Now that Q*Ball in Space is about to be released in France, do you plan to come here for a French tour? Ron, will you be there to support him on stage?

BBF: Yes.  I will support him on stage.  I will not support him off stage though.

Q: I wasn't gonna come, but if Bumblefoot will be there, it might be fun!  Actually, I've never been to France, so yes, absolutely.  I would love to visit your fine country, drink your women, eat your wine & seduce your cheese.  Vive le France!

Talking about that, how is it to play guitar for someone else?

BBF:  Easy.  Less acrobatics, no simultaneous singing and switching guitar-synth sounds...   I get to just be a guitarist and not worry about keeping everyone out of trouble. 

And what about your November tour? Not too shy to come back here after more than one year?

BBF: Not too shy  :)  I can't believe it's been a year-and-a-half since the last tours - time flies...   Axialys is a great tour company.  They know how to arrange a tour correctly.  And it will be great to work with the talented musicians from the band Plug-In.  This is gonna be great.

Ron, could you tell us more about the tribute you sang for Black Sabbath and Eminem?

BBF: I DIDN'T SING ON THE CDS!!!! I was just "coaching" the other singers - I was like a "vocal director" helping them find the best way to sing Eminem's music. I think the albums will be released in November...

And what about your new studio? Describe it to our readers!

BBF: It's an old house on a nice piece of land with alot of nature around... (you didn't know there was nature in NJ, did you?!!)  I'll be spending most of time there, and I don't plan on having an internet connection, so I will be forced to practice guitar instead of downloading porn. Also going to put alot of exercise equipment in there.

What are your plans for the future, both of you?

BBF: No plans. After all, "We make plans and God laughs."  I heard that in a song somewhere...

Q: I would like to rule the world & put porn stars in all political offices.  The world would be run by Q*Ball, Bumblefoot, Ron Jeremy & Christy Canyon.  Now THAT's a future!  On a more serious note, I also plan to go to sleep in the near future.  And pay my taxes.  And wash my car.

Last question for Q*Ball, this is a tradition here: what are the 3 questions you always wanted to be asked? And answer to them, please.

Q: #1 - Are you really Q*Ball?? Answer: Yes, I am.
#2 - Is it as big as they say it is?? Answer: Bigger.
#3 - Wanna f***? Answer: Silly question. (this question should only be asked by a French supermodel with bodacious ta-ta's)

A special message for the French fans?

BBF: See you in November!

Q: I thought you said that was the last question!  Bumblefoot rules!  See him in November!