REVIEW: Bumblefoot & Co Ė Ibrida

Posted On Ľ December 10 - 16, 2014 (Volume:12 / Issue 102)

The last time I stood a few metres away from guitar virtuoso Bumblefoot, I was being squashed against the front barrier by a tattooed behemoth at a Guns Ní Roses gig in Manchester a couple of years ago.

Thankfully, Ibrida in the Ramee Grand Hotel Seef proved to be a much more relaxed and accommodating venue for the fast-fingered axe-man, who wowed all in attendance by blasting out ferocious tunes and screaming guitar solos.

Playing with Dubai rockers Point of View, who justified their status as the Middle Eastís premier band with a performance spewing energy, Bumblefoot unleashed a repertoire consisting of both his solo songs and a few Guns Ní Roses classics.

It was these landmarks of rock that truly got the crowd head-banging and waving their arms in the air, with universal favourites Paradise City, Donít Cry and Sweet Child Oí Mine all getting a rousing vocal response from the crowd.

The fact that I brought myself to mildly enjoy the performance of the latter (out of all the songs Iíve grown to hate due to being overplayed and over-requested, Sweet Child is the worst) is a strong indication that this was a brilliant night.

My personal highlight was being offered the microphone by Bumblefoot to heartily belt out the chorus of Used To Love Her, thanks to him recognising me as the only one who knew the words!

Earlier, Bahraini band Likwid had warmed the crowd up with a solid performance that hinted at much bigger things to come for this exciting group.

As the final notes of Knockiní On Heavenís Door resounded around the venue, poignantly dedicated to original event organiser Savio Samanna who sadly passed away in September, thunderous applause encapsulated the appreciation of a truly talented artist, who still had time to strut around the floor among the audience, pose for Ďselfiesí and wipe the stage with a mop, all the while with fingers still frantic on the fretboard!

It was easily the most enjoyable evening of entertainment Iíve had in Bahrain, so I have huge faith that Jam Up will continue to provide such outstanding events for the kingdom in the future. Rock on!