JUNE 3 - JULY 3, 2014

Bumblefoot will be touring the US & Canada as part of the June/July 2014 'Guitar Gods' tour (featuring Yngwie Malmsteen, Bumblefoot, Gary Hoey) in June/July 2014, and Gary & I have teamed up to launch VIP meet-n-greets (see below) and a Kickstarter campaign.


Besides the usual 'get copies of the latest albums' & 'get a bundle of merch' offers, we thought about things that could be a bit more personal - here are just a few...  

(All offers mentioned below include an exclusive music bundle & access to the exclusive video diary from the road on the Guitar Gods Tour)

$100 PERSONAL MESSAGE: Need me to explain to the judge at traffic court why you were speeding? Happy birthday message? New ringtone? Will record a personal message for you.

$1000 GUEST ON YOUR CD: Gary or Bumblefoot will play a guest solo on your next recording. Just send us an mp3 file and we will email back the hi-rez recorded solo.

$3,000 GUITAR GOD FOR A DAY: Play a song on stage with Gary or Bumblefoot on the Guitar Gods Tour.

$8000 PRIVATE CONCERT: Gary and Bumblefoot will come to your house and play a private 1 hour acoustic concert. And we will cook you dinner. Plus flights/expenses, US only.

And a few ODD ones, haha! For example...

$200 MOM OR PET PHOTO: Bumblefoot will tape a photo of your mom or pet on his thigh for the entire show of your choice.

$5000 PLEASE DON'T!: Bumblefoot will wear the same pair of underwear for the entire Guitar Gods Tour and will write your name on the waist band, and take a photo before every show for proof. At the end of the tour they will be mailed to your house. Includes a Bumblefoot guitar pick.

With more offers on the way...

Please go to bit.ly/garyandbumble to see all the offers - I hope you find something you like!  (But PLEASE DON'T choose the $5G offer, thanks.)

I've always appreciated & valued your support - whether you participate or not, a big THANK YOU to you for being here :)




VIP meet-n-greets are now available for the June/July 2014 US/Canada 'Guitar Gods' tour
(featuring Yngwie Malmsteen, Bumblefoot, Gary Hoey)