Uli Jon Roth / Bumblefoot –

The Whisky A Go-Go, West Hollywood, California, USA, 23rd January, 2014

Well now, this is really one hell of treat in less than a week since that’ll make the third member of Guns ‘N’ Roses past or present that I’ve seen in less than a week with Bumblefoot being the hat-trick as we say in the UK.

Now what a quirky cool guy he is too and has a slick as f*ck on the edge and spur of the moment style to his playing that comes across like a kind of Satch meets the zaniness of Frank Zappa and Mike Patten all rolled into one. Okay I ain’t very familiar with his work at all but I will remember parts of the set forever more as he is such an intimate showman and makes the audience a part of the band just about.


Ron Thal the man himself is truly an inspirator and innovator of the present and no doubt future and keeps every single eye in the crowd glued on his every move and note that he plays on that customized double kneck guitar of his. He ain’t half bad a singer too – in fact he is bloody good. His band are also purely exceptional and clutch onto every single second of every note he plays, anticipating where he is going to go next and don't fall flat once.

To be honest, it’s little wonder that his day job boss, Axl Rose wanted him in his band for killer axe slinging and immaculately clear backing vocals who no doubt is a perfect match for his highness in the larynx dept – especially of he is having a bad night. It’s no understatement to say that he is definite virtuoso.


Mr. B has us doing vocal exercises and compliments us on our singing power not to mention coming out into the crowd, going up around the balcony area up stairs and never misses a single note on that guitar at all during the epic 13 minute+ ‘Dash’.


There are so many highlights in his set that culls in so many different styles that include Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Fusion, Classical and much more. I dearly loved that power ballad he did called and what about that great rendition of ‘Theme From The Pink Panther’ or the incredible ‘Guitars Suck’ – but not in this case because it's like Yngwie J. Malmsteen on acid and then some...

Faultless and flawless.


By Glenn Milligan

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