The BumbleStore has re-opened for business!

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Powered by CoreRevolt, we've got new shipping folks to take care of your order asap.

Now with easy-to-use worldwide secure payment options for PayPal, credit cards, check or money order, a choice of shipping options, estimated shipping quotes, shipping to multiple addresses, and solid customer service

Items include CDs, DVDs, TAB books, shirts, hats, patches, photos, stickers, buttons, guitar straps, picks, and Bumble's custom guitar-shaped keychains and hi-quality mini replicas of his 'Flying Foot' guitar, 'Swiss Cheese' guitar and 'Big Hand' guitar, with strings and moving parts.

Autographed CDs, DVDs and photos are also available, where $5 from each item sold is donated to Multiple Sclerosis research.

Each month we'll have a new 'Bundle Of the Month' where items are bunched together at a discount.

e'll keep you posted as new items are added to the store, thank you!



*Digital song releases of 2011 with transcriptions and stems are available at
The Pink Panther Theme  Let Your Voice Be Heard  There's A Kind Of Hush  Catfight (ft. Mark Tornillo) 
Father  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  Invisible  Strawberry Fields Forever  Bernadette