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Bumblefoot - Abnormal

Posted by helpalongyourway on September 14, 2011 at 10:15 PM



Bald Freak Music


Essentially this disc rocks, given the themes it would considered for mature audiences only. Here we go as befuddling as this disc is, so is this insight. Abnormal - The Dead Kennedys have revamped and united with Public Images Limited, then you might have a taste of this quirky but catchy riff master called Bumblefoot. Objectify - I wonder if Gods Of Fire had any influence on this guy, he sounds a lot like them with hints of Thrice in the driving guitar riffs. Some other guy - Consider this a tribute to Bad Religion, and it's dang good. Jenny b - Kenny Wayne Shepherd has a new rival, Ron Thal. Last time - ever hear of that rotten punk band called the Sex Pistols, if they still played and were all alive, this is what you might hear. Conspiracy - Primus' eyeballs popping out, what?!?! Guitars still suck - Hee-Haw at warp speed. Green - Foreigner and Queen divide and conquer. Spaghetti - the Beatles meets the Munsters, freaky good in a cool surfer rock way, it has dawned on me, spaghetti westerns, you know the old 60s western movies filmed in Italy? Redeye - rocking out the punk in you like Yidcore and Osaka Popstar. The day after - Blue Oyster Brian May. Dash - Beatsteaks Clash with the Farmer Boys. 


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