Throwing questions at GnR's Bumblefoot

by Stylestyx

I know this is a personal style blog but Bumblefoot from Guns and Roses is so beyond cool that I had to step away from clothes and fashion mags for a second and throw some light on his coolness. So I hope you enjoy my little interview with him.

Bumblefoot is the antithesis of the cliche that is the Rockstar. I mean yes he likes his Jägermeister more than the next person and he does like to throw around the odd cuss word on stage. But this man is so much more. Ever willing to give a fan advice straight from the heart, still so passionate about the woman he has been with for over 20 years and the stomach to take in more heat from a pepper than any indian I know. All the while rocking packed stadiums, tutoring kids with dreams, making hot sauce and managing a small empire. Not an easy task I'm sure but he does it and does it well. I met Ron late last year at a GnR concert. His manager was a friend of a friend. To cut a long story short, we met that day, again the next at a private concert and he gave me life changing advice. I wasn't even looking but I'm so glad I received it. Because it made me forget about all my fears and start to live a life with passion. Now I know there are tons of interviews with him focussing light on his guitar skills and his music genius but here is my little attempt at finding out more about the person. Because this man is more than just a rockstar

1 Your style best described in 3 to 5 words

In (1) Need (2) Of (3) A (4) Shave (5).

2 Rings or other shiny things?

I love shiny things, especially on women. I don't wear much jewelry. The only ring I wear consistently is my wedding ring. People have given me gifts while on the road - a ring from Japan, a bracelet from France, a necklace from Brazil - they're sometimes hand-made, always have personal significance. Those I'll wear from time to time and will be reminded of the people and places, the good memories.

3 Chapka or beanie?

Chapka, all the way...! When my ears get cold, I disintegrate. My ears are the windows to my soul, when they go numb, my light goes dim. Give me heat, lots of it!

4 How would you rate on the scoville heat scale?

If you are what you eat, then I'm at 7,100,000. That's the Scoville rating of the 'pain sauce' I add to my food, haha. My kinda pain, love it. I guess that would define it as 'pleasure', wouldn't it?

5 Hot sauce or cool spirits?

Hot sauce, definitely. How about hot sauce *and* cool spirits? :)

6 Jamming in studio or building kids dreams with guitar lessons?

Ooooooh, good question! It's about giving the world something that will grow beyond your own life. Teaching does that. You're giving the sum of your experiences to others, they add to it and give it to the next person. If I'm just jamming, it's great for the moment, but for me teaching is more meaningful. Above all though, writing, recording and releasing songs - I need to do it. I've devoted my life to being a musician, for me that means making music, not just playing it - it starts to feel pointless if I'm not creating something.

7 What makes you smile a while?

People's happiness - it's contagious. When I see it, I feel it and get a big smile.

8 Wanna tell us something sexalicious about Ron?

It's all about connecting deeply inside a woman's mind, and heart. It's where all good things begin, and you share them through your hands, your voice, your body. Music, art, love.

9 if you weren't strumming your guitar where would your hands be?

They'd either be on a mixing board helping other people make their music happen, or holding a fork and knife while enjoying a meal in good company, pursuing some ideas for inventions marinating in the back of my mind, or maybe just something sexalicious... :)

10 Life lessons.

So many things... first, *communicate*, and be on time - it's a sign of consideration and respect, an acknowledgment that people's lives have value, don't leave people in the dark. I've learned that you shouldn't give loyalty to people that don't give it in return, wasting a good trait is a bad trait. I've learned that you can have what you want in life, but it means nothing if you're not happy. Keeping a healthy soul and mind is as important as keeping a healthy body, don't neglect any of it. It's *your* life - no apologies or explanations required, nobody owns you. I've learned that a friend will be there for you when things are going badly, but a *real* friend will be there for you when things are going well. Take care of your teeth and gums. Travel. Don't over-think, don't create your own obstacles, just go with your gut. Don't try to control what's meant to happen naturally. Have faith and trust in yourself, your decisions, your abilities, in fate - be brave and let go, the world won't crumble. There is such a thing as caring *too much*, caring to a point you're unhappy and can't progress - reel yourself in and adjust your perspective before getting that way. Be imperfect - it's what separates us from machines. Our imperfections are our identities, it's the cracks in our shell that let people in, to connect with what's inside, with your soul. The laws of nature regarding time travel are that we can only go forward, not backward - enjoy the good memories of the past, but don't fight nature trying to re-live it, you can't change anything, fix anything, un-say or un-do anything, you can't go back. Don't beat a dead horse - face front, move forward, invest yourself in the future, not the past. Better off doing something a little bit every day than trying to take it all on at once, whatever it is. Life is about AND, not OR. Enjoy carbs. Support local farms. Be diverse, try different things, step out of your comfort zone and experience life. And however far you've gone, however much you've learned, there's still an endless road in front of you. We're all just guests in this world - be a gracious one

What do you think? Doesn't he have something worthwhile to say????

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