The Short-But-Sweet Interview: Bumblefoot
Guns N' Roses guitarist answers the tough questions
By Greg Prato, April 25, 2011

In addition to being one of Guns N' Roses' guitarists, Bumblefoot is a gentleman who enjoys recording his own solo albums, as he released a total of eight between 1998 and 2008. 

However, his main focus remains G n' R, having played on Chinese Democracy and touring with the band since 2006 (replacing masked six-stringer Buckethead).   

Recently, Mr. Foot released a new single, "Invisible" (ordering info here) and was willing to accept the challenge of a Short-But-Sweet Interview.   

UGO:  How heavy is the single "Invisible"?   

BUMBLEFOOT:  It's somewhere between the Bee Gees and Anal Blast. A little grunge-y, a lot of fretless guitar in there, yeah. Bee Gees meets Anal Blast. Q*Ball meets Anal Cunt.

UGO:  Would you say "album rock" is dead, and the future will be based on what you're currently doing (issuing singles)?   

BUMBLEFOOT:  Don't think it'll ever be dead, I hope not. Now we just have more options that didn't exist in the past. I'm doing a single song every month that includes a choice of hi-res formats, instrumental mixes, backing tracks and guitar transcriptions, and stems to the songs to make your own mix. Options and choices, it's a good thing...   

UGO:  How did you come up with the theme song to That Metal Show? Did you have the song written before the show, or did you write it specifically for it?   

BUMBLEFOOT:  I was gonna write something for it but they liked one of my songs from a few years ago called "Day To Remember" and used the music from that for the show. My stuff ends up on TV a lot - theme to MXC, background music for music shows, reality shows, sports shows, news shows. Sometimes I'll write something specific for a show but a lot of times they want things I've already written.

UGO:  Was there ever a point that you yourself were even convinced that Chinese Democracy would never come out?

BUMBLEFOOT:  Haha, nah man, I joined up, we hit the road, I hit the studio, we toured some more, then it came out. There was action for most of the time I was there. And when there wasn't action, I did my thing - released the Abnormal CD and Barefoot acoustic EP, lots of guest playin' on people's albums and live, producing some bands, TV, indie film & videogame music...    

UGO:  Can you tell us something about Mr. Rose that many people don't know and/or would surprise people?   

BUMBLEFOOT:  He's got a great sense of humor. A real ball-buster. Sometimes he'll tell jokes into our in-ear monitors while we're tryin' to take a solo, he's fucked me up a few times, haha...   

UGO:  Although this is very dangerous to even think this thought...any idea when G n' R's next studio album will be coming out?   

BUMBLEFOOT:  I can't predict anything and I don't try, haha. Right now we got a headlining show at Rock In Rio in Brazil in October, hopefully more confirmed info will come down the pipeline, but so far that's what's goin' on. Just gotta see what happens. Meanwhile, every month I'll have some new music for ya, will keep that going as long as I can before hittin' the road again. Next song comin' out will be an original called "Father," in mid-May. I'll be keepin' updates on all that at and

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