Ron [Scalzo] Asks Ron [Thal]: 5 Questions

Feb 23, 2011
In celebration of Bumblefoot's recent release of his cover version of The Beatles' immortal "Strawberry Fields Forever," label head Ron Scalzo (Q*Ball, Return To Earth) sits down with Ron Thal to dig deeper in this week's '5 Questions'.

Q:  I know The Beatles are a big source of inspiration for you - tell us what The Beatles meant to you as an aspiring musician.

The Beatles were my first musical memory, along with KISS, and my first musical love.   It was always producer George Martin's classical instrumentation he added to the songs that did it for me most.  What does anyone's favorite music do for them?  It's a soundtrack for everything you feel and everything you've lived.  

Q:  The Beatles' catalog is vast - of all the songs to cover, why "Strawberry Fields"?  What are some other favorite Beatles songs?

It's one of the most original and unique songs of the last 50 years.  Other favorites?  All of them for different reasons - but mostly I'd say Rubber Soul era and on... 

Q: Your cover version shows off your sonic prowess as a producer - with no formal training, how did you obtain the skills to self-record and produce your own music and ambitious pieces such as this?

Thanks.  Everything I needed to know I learned here:  And here:
Q:  You sing, produce, play guitar, bass on all your songs, this one included - Dutch vunderkind Dennis Leeflang sits in on drums on most of your songs/albums.  Are you secretly a master behind the drum kit, do the drums bore you, or are you just sharing the wealth?

Dennis is a phenomenal drummer, and a great producer himself.  I appreciate him letting me play bass, guitar and sing on the song.  Thanks D!!!

Q:  Is it true that you paid Dennis in chocolates to play drums on this song?

Actually, we paid each other in Benny's Burritos in the East Village this past weekend.  Good stuff.   Still digesting.........  wafer thin mint?

"Strawberry Fields Forever" by Bumblefoot - available now at iTunes, CD Baby, and Bald Freak Music online.