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FEB 2011

Cover story

Vida Candanga:Hey Bumble okay?

Vida Candanga:Tell us a little about his career as a musician?

I usually start from the beginning, but this time I'll start with 'now' and work backwards to the beginning, haha.  I have my own studio, it's a house just for making music, I don't live there.  I've been spending a lot of my time there lately, working on solo music.  This year I'll be releasing songs one-at-a-time, cover songs and original songs - the first of these songs released was in January, a cover of the old Motown hit by the Four Tops "Bernadette" ( )  The last two years were spent rehearsing and touring with GNR, in-between I was doing songwriting, producing, and guest playing with other artists.  In 2008 I released the Bumblefoot "Abnormal" album and acoustic "Barefoot" ep, along with Chinese Democracy that year.  I toured throughout '06 and '07 with GNR, officially joining the band in May '06.  Before that I spent 10 years releasing my own albums, touring Europe, producing a ton of bands, writing music for TV shows, teaching guitar and teaching music production at a College in New York.  In the mid-90s I was signed to Shrapnel Records and was releasing music since '91.  I did a lot of guitar teaching, would build my own guitars, was always a D.I.Y. kind of person, being self-sufficient allows you more freedom. 

Vida Candanga:What are your main influences from bands and musicians?

I started playing guitar when I was around 6 or 7, and it was the band KISS that inspired me.  They inspired a lot of kids in the 70s that went on to be in bands you know today.  Beatles have always been a favorite...  I love old 60s/70s music, punk & classic rock, prog, funk, but I'm mostly an old-school metalhead. 
Vida Candanga:What are you listening to right now? Something new to present?

The most interesting new band I've heard lately is one from an old guitar student of mine, a band called Thank You Scientist ( )  They recorded a 5-song ep, I did the mastering for it, and was blown away.  Not sure how to describe them - Dave Matthews meets Dream Theater?  They're an amazing band.
Vida Candanga:What changed for you after its entry into the Guns N Roses?

Not much, only challenge is juggling *time* - it's harder to find time to do everything I want to, or used to, but that's not about GNR, that's about touring, being on the road and not being available for much else.
Vida Candanga:Even with the GNR still manages time to record his solo album?

It's a lot tougher, unless I know for sure that we're taking a long break from the road, then I can spend 9 months in the studio, gathering momentum, dedicating myself to a full album.  That's why I'm doing it a song-at-a-time this year - the technology exists to make it easy to get the music to you all, and I can focus on each song and get them to your ears more quickly.
Vida Candanga:And how is this partnership with other musicians of GNR?

All is well with everyone  :)
Vida Candanga:How do you assess the experience of playing with other musicians in particular Axl?

It's normal, like any band.
Vida Candanga:GNR leaving a little aside, you have a project for this year?

I can't make any long-term plans or commitments, it all depends on whether I'll be on the road or not.  So for now, the only definite plan I have is to release more songs.  I'm doing it in a different way, it's not just 'an MP3 a month', it's hi-res files, WAV, MP3 (320), m4a, MP3 HD, FLAC, also making the instrumental mix of the song available, music only.  Then there's a 'Player Pack' for guitarists that has a transcription of the lead guitar for the whole song along with a WAV and MP3 of the 'Backing Track' - the mix without lead guitar, so you can play along.  And for studio geeks like me, haha, I'm making a 'Producer Pack' for each song, it's the mixed stems of the recording, a WAV of drums, of bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals, backing vocals - you can put the WAVs into your multi-track software and make your own mixes, edits, or just hear each track by itself and see how the song was made.
Vida Candanga:Whenever I see your videos I have a feeling that you also enjoys singing, is not it?

I've always sang, it's part of being a songwriter, and I've always written songs.  I started writing songs before I was playing guitar, the ideas and the inspiration were there, I just needed a way to share them.  I've been the singer in my own band since the mid-80s.  For me it's about the songs, not the guitar - I don't enjoy playing guitar as much, unless I'm playing a song.
Vida Candanga:Of its work which song you like best?

From Bumblefoot albums, I like everything off the 'Normal' and 'Abnormal' albums.  And the acoustic versions on 'Barefoot'.  Any of the songs from those albums...
Vida Candanga:Do not want to tour with his solo work?

I would start doing Bumblefoot tours again if I knew my schedule would be clear, but GNR touring has to take priority.  The last solo tour I did was November 2005.  I had a tour planned in '06 but canceled when it conflicted with GNR's schedule.  Same in '07.
Vida Candanga:What did you think of Brazil, the people, when he played here from somewhere like in particular? When you return to Brazil?

I miss Brazil!!  Been almost a year...   what an *intense* time we had there!!  The people were great, made a lot of friends - and the food...!  The 'cheesy bread', aaahhh!   I just spent a day in NYC with Brazilian friends eating feijoada, drinking, it brought back wonderful memories   :)   Don't know when I'll get to come visit again, but know I'll be happy when I do!
Vida Candanga:To finalize I would like to leave a message to all those who are reading this interview.

Thank you all
for taking time to read this, thank you Diego and Vida Candanga for the interview!  Hope to see you all!  Until then, I'll keep you posted with info and updates at , and at my site - obrigado!!
Vida Candanga:Bumblefoot thanks for the interview!

Diego Sena