Genre: Rock
Label: Bald Freak Music
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1. Abnormal
2. Glad to be Here
3. Objectify
4. Some Other Guy
5. Jenny B
6. Last Time
7. Simple Days
8. Conspiracy
9. Piranha
10. Guitars Still Suck
11. Green
12. Spaghetti
13. Misery
14. Redeye
15. The Day After
16. Dash

Bumblefoot - Abnormal 

I don’t know exactly when it happened. I think it was sometime in the early 1980’s when some nameless wizard of the guitar (possibly Steve Vai) ran afoul of an evil witch. I’m not sure exactly what happened to cause the witch to cast an evil spell on every wizard of guitar who should follow the nameless one (again, possibly Steve Vai), but my knowledge of witches tells me they are easy to run afoul of. Maybe he (Steve Vai anyone?) had a great grandfather who was instrumental in the Salem Witch Trials, I am just guessing though as I have no tangible proof. Anyway, the curse, as it was told to me, is that though the wizard of guitar will be extraordinarily talented, he will never be able to write a song with lyrics that don’t suck as hard as a 8th grade field trip to a vacuum cleaner manufacturing factory. This curse has proven over the years to be more powerful than the smell at the monkey house of your local zoo and has, judging by the lack of commercially popular shredding guitar players, only gotten more powerful. Enter Bumblefoot.
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal has seemingly pulled the sacred guitar from the stone and slayed the evil witch who cursed all shredding guitar players everywhere. With his album Abnormal, Bumblefoot achieves what so many amazing guitarists have tried to do before in releasing a great album with lyrical hooks that make the listener feel fish-like and powerless to resist the bait dangling in front of them. This album starts out of the gate like a race horse with a rocket strapped to its back. The opening song “Abnormal” comes across as a fun Punk rock gem with an opening guitar riff that feels like fingertips on your spine until it changes and grabs your spine and tries to rip it out. “Glad to be Here” is a cross between a Polka and Ska with lyrics that are just funny as hell and prove the point that the curse is broken. 
I couldn’t be more blown away by “Guitars Still Suck” if Bumblefoot came to my house and strapped me with C4 and then waved goodbye with a pleasant yet foreboding smile. It sounds like what you would get if you put Bumblefoot in a hillbilly shack with a Bluegrass band, moonshine still, and a small yet adequate tape recorder. The album powers through a wide range of styles which all seem to blend nicely together reminding us that Bumblefoot is clearly capable of nearly anything. Remember also that he has somehow been in Guns-n-Roses for 4 years now so far avoiding the trend to be eaten alive by the G-n-R monster that feeds on musicians not named Axl. I wish Abnormal was more of a normal amongst the amazingly talented guitar playing ground. It may take a while for the rest of the wizards of guitar to catch up to Bumblefoot but at least we have something to listen to while we wait.
Hot Tracks-Abnormal, Simple Days, Glad to be Here
Doug Morrissey- Staff
May 24, 2010
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