El Observador (Uruguay)
FEB 27, 2010

Original English interview:

¿how does it feel to be near to come to South America? ¿Are you excited?

I'm SOOOOO excited! This will be my first time in S. America, I've been waiting years for this moment.

The Chinese Democracy tour began few months ago, ¿how have you been feeling these months? ¿Wich is your favorite song of the show? ¿What do you expect of the South American tour?

The past few months have been the best shows to me, and I feel better than ever about it. I'll be bringing my double-neck fretted/fretless guitar, can't wait to play it for you all! I've been in touch with many S. American GNR fans and the love is so strong, I feel like I'm coming home. The shows are going to be like a big celebration...!

¿Do you have some words to the uruguayans fans?

Thank you to all of you, for your kindness, and for welcoming us into your country. I have family in Uruguay, but we've never met - we don't even know who we are. Before WWII my grandparents and their siblings changed their identity to escape the Nazis - some went to New York, and some went to Uruguay. All information and contact was lost. Maybe somewhere in the audience there will be family of mine and we won't know it, so I will think of *all* of you as my possible family and greet you with love, as my own.

Thanks to you and all my new friends, see you soon!

Ron Thal (Bumblefoot / GNR)