Ron Thal - The Bumblefoot Story (Part One)

Bumblefoot (aka Ron Thal) is a recording artist and international touring artist from NYC with nine albums and one DVD released since 1995 - he has also been the lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses since 2006. Fronting Bumblefoot as lead singer/guitarist, the music is hard rock, bordering on quirky and experimental. Known for his stunning guitar-work, Bumblefoot has been on the covers of guitar magazines around the world and his guitar playing can be heard in the Spanish guitar soloing of Jessica Simpson's "Irresistible" dance mix club mix to the theme song of VH1's "That Metal Show".

The punky guitar riff of SpikeTV Network's "MXC" theme song, in the background of MTV's The Osbornes, The Real World are all Bumblefoot creations. He works out of his studio in Princeton NJ where he collaborates with artists as a songwriter/producer and writes for publishing companies, video games and TV shows. Bumblefoot is a volunteer for the MS Research Foundation (, a non-profit organization that donates funds directly to Multiple Sclerosis research. He's a good humanitarian and loves to chat.

This is part one of our retrospective with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, who will be headlining 13 Canadian concerts as lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses. Ron's personal life and solo career are the focus of this part, while part-two will focus on Guns N' Roses.

Whatís it like for you when youíre home from touring and rehearsing with ?

Whatís the hardest part about touring?

Is it like that every time?

I understand you have a house full of cats?

Could that be the reason why all the Ladybugs and Salamanders come over to your house?

So what is the origin of the name Bumblefoot Ė it was a band first, correct?
When did you decide to actually call yourself Bumblefoot, and why?

The name works for you doesnít it?

Does your mother call you Bumble or Ron?

You didnít vandalize anything as a kid did you?

What were you like in school?

Itís been a long time since "The Adventures Of Bumblefoot", your first release. Are you happy with your career? What's changed in all these years?

Is there any new Bumblefoot music or live gigs in the works?

Do you read your Hate mail?

Tell us about your activity as a producer and record company mogul.

You were at a birthday party for the publicist for Penthouse Magazine.

What are the Top 10 things?

Are you a KISS fan?

You also give back to your community. Are you still involved with an MS charity?

Now you said earlier that you donated a car - What kind of car was it?

Interview by Avril Savoie

RockStar Weekly

Photo by Stephanie Cabral

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