Ron Thal's Top Albums Of 2007

Sputnikmusic contacted Ron Thal (Guns 'N Roses) to pick his brain and ask for his top albums of 2007. His answers - along with many of his colleagues' submissions - will be featured in an artists' retrospective staff feature shortly.
1 Mika
Life in Cartoon Motion

"Some cool Freddie Mercury moments..."
2 Type O Negative
Dead Again

"Rasputin and The Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir together on the same album..."
3 John 5
The Devil Knows My Name
4 Chris Cornell
Carry On
5 Gogol Bordello
Super Taranta
6 Symphony X
Paradise Lost
7 Serj Tankian
Elect the Dead
8 Jordan Rudess
The Road Home
9 Sebastian Bach
Angel Down

"I know the backing vocalist."
10 Mudvayne
By the People, for the People

"Great concept, really cool of 'em."