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 Questions n´Answers with Bumblefoot. Aug. 23rd 2007

Me and a friend of mine (Graeme) Have done a question n´answer with Bumblefoot. Heres it is. Thanks Ron:

Les Paul or Flying V?

I'm a metal-head, was really into Randy Rhoads - I might have to go with the V.

When did you discover that a thimble on your hand helped your technique?

When I was 18. I was lookin' for somethin' to get the high notes, and started with a 9-volt battery on a string - would use the side of the battery as a slide. Needed something more accessible, found the thimble in my mom's sewing kit, took it, used the same one for 18 years, was the only one I had, never lost it. On the last gig with Guns in 2006, the last song I needed it for, it flew off my finger and fell into a space between the stage and front speakers. I didn't go looking for it, I let it go, end of a long chapter.

How do you feel you can follow up an amazing album like Normal? A complete revolution in style or an advance of what's on there...

I thank you sir. I don't know what will come next, I never do. Just gotta throw paint at the canvas and see what it looks like, then build on it.

Japanese sushi vs, sushi from elsewhere.... what wins?

In the US, there's a big variety of rolls. But in Japan, there's more of a variety of fish. It was great to eat sushi in Japan, stuff I never had before. I fucking love Japan.

What’s your scoville on atm?

2,000,000. The same as ingesting commercial-grade pepper spray.

What’s you fave. Album of your own?

I'd have to say "Normal" - it's the most recent one, the one I feel most connected to. It's the most personal.

What album will you say is the best one to start with if you haven't listened to any Bumblefoot before?

Probably also Normal - I think it's the most easy to digest of all the albums.

How much do you play guitar a week?

A little every day, just noodling while taking care of bizz, or at 3am. Anywhere between 10 minutes and 2 hours.

You have mentioned that the last B.B.F.S.C.G was going to get auctioned away after the release of the next   guns n roses album. Still holds on that or have you changed you mind?

That's the plan, to auction it after the album comes out - the money will go to Multiple Sclerosis research.

You are busy guy, what do you do to relax?

I have an old house that I use as a studio. When I wanna relax, I rip the walls down and put up new ones.