Bumblefoot Interview

MusicMaker magazine (Netherlands) May 2007 Issue

Interviewed by Richard Hallebeek, Jan 28th 2007

*How did you first get in touch with Vigier?

It was while touring in France in 97 - they brought one of their guitars to the show to try out. I had always built my own guitars - this was the first time playing a guitar that felt more comfortable than my own. Been playing Vigiers ever since.

*How far is the new guitar in the progress? Any new design plans or ideas coming in from your fanbase?

We've had lots of submissions, but still haven't found the *one* - gonna keep the contest going until it happens.

*How did the old foot guitar get damaged?

While on tour with Guns in July 06, I think it was in Istanbul, I was in the middle of my solo, hi the vibrato bar and some splintered black and yellow wood hit the floor. After 8 years of touring with it, it finally took a hit. The guitar still plays fine, just the body needs repair.

*What did you like about their guitars wanting to bypass all the other ones and choosing Vigier?

They feel great, sound great, they have the best necks - love 'em.

*Do you think it's funny when the French speak English?

It's worse when I try to speak French...

*I like the production values of your later albums. Everything sounds big and fat and clear. Guess you have been getting a lot of experience as a working producer?

Thank you sir! With every session, you learn something new. I've also gotten much pickier about the mastering - it truly makes or breaks the sound of a record.

*Do you teach music production at a school?

Yes, SUNY Purchase College - teach there once a week when not on tour. Very cool talented students there...

*Your later albums have been getting more aggressive. I like it!

Glad you enjoy - thank you :)

*Any new stuff you’re working on in your playing right now?

Not really - just trying to not suck.

*Any time to practie at all in your busy schedule?

Mostly while writing songs and working in the studio, I try to keep a guitar in my hands and noodle around. Time away from the instrument can be refreshing,

*How does a day in the life of Bumblefoot look like nowadays?

Right now it's exercising at home, finishing production on Q*Ball's next album ( "This Is Serious Business" available soon at www.baldfreak.com ), assisting MS Research Foundation ( www.msrf.org ) in their next fundraising event, and agonizing over lyrics and writing new songs for the next solo album. Taking it slow until the next Guns tour later this year.

*A Bumblefoot solo DVD coming up?

Been wanting to do that for a long time, just can't find the time to make it happen. Will have to force myself to make the time soon....!

*Does humor belong in Music?

If it's funny.

*We're both featured on the new album The Alchemists II! How did the song with Terry Syrek come about?

You kicked ass on the album - GREAT stuff! Known Terry for about 15 years, was cool to be part of his song. Did it the quick painless way, recorded the solo at my studio, emailed him files to sync into the multitrack of the song...

Thanks for your time and keep on rocking!


Always a pleasure my friend!

28 JAN 2007