Bumblefoot Interview for GregHowe.com
March 3rd, 2007

What have you been up to lately?

Finished recording and touring with Guns in January, started writing music for the next solo album, but I'm ditching the songs and starting fresh. Had some things around me change, plans got derailed, feelin' disconnected from the songs, movin' on. No plan for what will come next. That's good though - that's when honest music will come out, when things aren't comfortable and safe.

What music are you digging right now?

A lot of old funk and soul, 50's - 70's, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield... back when folks really sang, it grooved, and songs touched ya because shit was passionate, deeper than angst, ya know? I love heavy stuff, but there's just no denying those old songs.

What is your Holy Grail album?

Off the top of my head I gotta say Beatles "Rubber Soul", Manowar "Battle Hymns", Kiss "Dressed To Kill", or Yes "Going For The One".

What guitar player did you ever want to be?

Eddie Van Halen, or Ace Frehley.

Past or present, what is your favorite movie?

hmmmmmmmmm... ya know, I could have rambled off a dozen movies I love, but as soon as ya asked, I forget them all, haha! Same thing happens with songs, someone says "Play any song" and they all go out the window. OK, if it's 3am and any of these come on TV, I stay up and watch them - Slingblade, Goodfellas, Full Metal Jacket, Gummo, Matrix, Austin Powers, Buffalo 66, Quentin Tarantino stuff, Paul Thomas Anderson stuff...

How do break out of a creative rut?

First, ya gotta get out of a situation where people make more music than drama. Anyone who's distracting you, taking your focus away from music just so they can get attention, those people gotta go before they suck the spirit out of ya. And if you're the one bringing your headaches into the music, kick your own ass, toughen up and don't make your problems everyone else's, they have their own to worry about, which they kindly didn't dump on your shoulders. If ya wouldn't act a certain way at your day job, don't do it in the rehearsal room. So that's first, can't stress it enough, NO FUCKING DRAMA. Just *Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar*.

Second, try stepping away from music, do something completely different. Music is an expression of what you've lived, so go out and *live* - the more you experience, the more you'll have to inspire you. Live life to the fullest. Then play what you've lived.

Elvis or The Beatles?

Gotta go with the Beatles.

What was the first record that made you want to play guitar?

Kiss Alive. Heard it when I was 5 years old, knew immediately...

Who or what inspires you right now?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, based on your reaction to what life throws at ya. Whether you're hit with somethin' good or bad, it can drive you, if you want it to. Gettin' it a little from everything everywhere, just leavin' that door open and lettin' it happen as it's gonna...

Alive or dead, who would you love to jam with?

Top of the list would be Jimi.

What’s the secret to your success?

Three important things for anyone to do well at anything. First, *work ethic* - no matter what you do, give it 1000%, treat everything with importance, go above and beyond the call of duty without overstepping, it's about the team, not you, don't be controlling or opinionated, be open-minded and considerate, talk less and do more. Second - DON'T BE LATE. Be early and wait around, don't make someone else wait for you and start feeling disrespected and resentful. Third, be someone that people want in their life, be a cool person to work with. Doesn't matter how talented you are - if you're irritating, people will get a knot in their stomach just thinking about having to deal with you, and that will be your legacy. Just be real, and leave the bullshit out of it. That's my advice - do your best, be on time, be cool.

3 MAR 2007