Ron Thal (Bumblefoot) is one of the most unique guitarists the world has ever seen. His playing style defies reality: think Eddie Van Halen on speed. Impressed yet? savelivemusic.co.uk has a special selection of his work for your listening pleasure. Working under the name Bumblefoot, Ron has produced some of the most amazing experimental hard rock songs you're ever likely to hear.

Many thanks to Ron for supporting this website and his permission to exhibit his stuff!

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Greetings Mr. Bumblefoot sir! How are you today?

I am fine, THANK YOU for your overwhelming concern.  What I really want to know is, how are YOU?  

I'm great, and thank YOU for YOUR overwhelming concern! Musically, what inspires you?

Portuguese bugles.  The sound - oh, the sound.  It cries, as if each note was its last.  When it cries I cry, as if each note was the last I might ever hear.  Sometimes I cry for other reasons...  this morning I had to re-toast my waffles because they didn't brown enough.  The following 2 hours were an emotional roller coaster - into HELL.  But what doesn't kill us makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that.  It's moments like these that need to be remembered - no, not just remembered - *shared* so that other people can know there's someone out there who understands them and is walking the same path, together.  THAT's what inspires me.  That, and old-school metal. (Next time I have waffles I'll think of Portuguese bugles - Matt.)

Any plans for album number 7? If so, will it be themed in the way that "Uncool" was?

Yes, I've got it all planned out.  It won't be loungy like Uncool though...  a bit more punky.

Given your hard work to break yourself into the music industry, what do you think about "American Idol" or "Pop Idol" as it is in this country, and other made-for-TV pop stars, offered a quick road to the top?

I don't think they've taken as quick a road as we think.  Some of them I'm sure have been at it since they were children and have studied singing, dancing, songwriting, acting, everything they could to continually develop their talents.  And to fly across the country and wait in line for 2 days just for an audition - that's more dedication than most of us have!  And if they make it onto the show, it's constant rehearsing new songs and performing.  TV makes everything seem more glamorous than it really is, often doing an injustice.

Obviously, you are a fantastic guitarist - are there any of your songs which you find particularly challenging to play?

Why thank you, kind sir!  Yes, some of the solos get a little "out there" - the build-up in "R2" and stuff like that. 

You have been to the UK before, most recently demonstrating Vigier guitars, and received a warm welcome I believe! Do you have any plans to release albums or tour over here?

I'd love to tour in the UK, but I'd need the CD in retail stores to help the tour company persuade club owners to book Bumblefoot shows there.  Otherwise they might feel like they're taking too big a risk.  If not my own tour, maybe I'll get to play UK as a hired guitarist for someone else's group, who knows?  I'd be cool with that.

Is there any guitarist you would particularly enjoy duetting with? Can we expect to see you on the G3 tour at some time? :)

Soooooo many...   I have plans to make an album with
Mattias Eklundh in 2004 - looking forward to it...!

Recently you have been teaching a music production course at a college in NY - is there anything valuable you have learnt from this experience?


Is there any further news on this second Eminem lounge tribute? What plans do you have for the album?

We're just waiting for the label to give us the ok.  What I'd like to do is get some cool players as guests on the album - could be a very cool thing...   we shall see....

Hopefully this will be the answer to the most gripping question of all... how did you come up with the name "Bumblefoot"?

My wife (girlfriend at the time) was studying to become a veterinarian.  I was helping her study and one of the diseases we came across was called "Bumblefoot."   Just hearing the word felt like I bumped into a twin brother I never knew I had.  It was like finding the one missing piece to the puzzle that is self.  A little bit of info that you might find interesting:

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Does that answer your question?  I thought so.

Thank you very much for doing this interview! Hopefully more of the good people of England are better informed of the crazy genius that is the work of Ron Thal!

The pleasure was all mine!  Go to Hell.  Thank you for the opportunity to acquaint myself with the good people of England.  Take care!