Forgotten Anthology CD Review
Jedd Beaudoin · · July 15th, 2003

Bumblefoot will make you happy. Bumblefoot will make you cry. Bumblefoot will make you raise your hands in the air, make you pound your fist, preacherlike, on the table top, make you feel all righteous and shit, then he’ll make you see the beauty of your fellow man. Sometimes all at once.

Forgotten Anthology is a collection of songs that were, for whatever reason, left off Bumblefoot’s previous three releases (the insidiously additive Hands, Uncool, a long day’s journey through love and hate and 9.11, an album that features the track “Don Pardo Pimpwagon”). Most of it had to do with time constraints on those releases, for none of what’s presented here belongs for one second on the cutting room floor.

Whether the gorgeous “Thought I Could Fly” (a track that should garner loads of radio play), “Heart Attack,” the scalarious “Girl Like You,” the wrong-way boogie of “Crunch” or the seething anger of “Bagged A Big 1,” Bumblefoot, as they say, casts a spell over listeners that leaves them stunned at Mr. Foot’s versatility. Some would say that he works magic but magic connotes a kind of trickery and Bumblefoot is definitely not about that. What he is about is rockin’ your socks off, so hurry up and get this album so you can let the rockin’ begin.