Bumblefoot interviewed by Alexis @ Planeta Rock, FM Universo 106.9 (Argentina)
April 10th, 2003

Can you tell us how Bumblefoot began?

Greetings Alexis!   The beginning...  I was stuck in a bad record deal for a few years, in the late 90s.  After I got out, I started the band Bumblefoot and began releasing my own records.  I tried to find permanent bandmembers, but it was always the same problem - alot of ex-members had day jobs, and they wouldn't make time to write songs, record, tour, anything.  So, either I would hold back progress and keep the band nothing more than a hobby for other members at night, or move forward and lose them.  After years of this situation, I had to change.  So now, I have friends in the prog-metal band Sun Caged (Netherlands) and the instrumental metal band Plug-In (France) that play with me, as the band "Bumblefoot" when I tour Europe.  In the US I'm always in the studio writing, recording, producing...  I do some gigs here (NYC area), but no tours.  Maybe someday...   People always saw me as Bumblefoot and would call me Bumblefoot - eventually I became known as Bumblefoot.  Sort of like a super-hero with the power to eat too much.

Which is Bumblefoot's purpose? Which is their goal?

To enrich the world's soil with a nitrate composite that allows tomatoes to stay fresh longer.  That's both - the purpose and the goal.

Which things Bumblefoot offer to their audience?

Earplugs, headache medicine and a full refund.  All we ask in return is that you don't throw anything at us that will leave a permanent mark.

How do you see Bumblefoot?

By opening your eyes and looking at Bumblefoot.

What kind of music do you happen to listen to?

I like old Motown, like The Four Tops and Smokey Robinson.  Also Frankie Valli and Engelbert Humperdinck.  And Manowar.

Could you describe your past recordings? for example Hands...

In a word...   Jalepeno.

Sure, I can describe it in 1000 words, but with the internet universe reaching maximum entropy, I don't want to add more clutter - it'll only intensify the upcoming implosion.  You know, the *implosion* - in a billion years when internet space has expanded to its fullest possible capacity, it will snap back into itself and compress into a tiny glowing "@" sign that weighs 90-trillion tons.  I don't know if all this is true - I read it on the internet, so it probably is.  Either way, I'm not taking any chances...

Please visit bumblefoot.com - there you will find stories, lyrics and info about all the music I've done.  And plenty of MP3s for everyone to download and file-swap...!

Are you satisfied with UNCOOL?, cause we find it awesome..

Thank you sir.   I'm satisfied with it.  Especially track 13 (the 30-minute song that isn't listed on the CD...)

Are you planning to record some new material?

Yes, just waiting for that magical moment of inspiration.  I don't know when it will happen, or what the music will sound like.  Till then, I'm producing bands in the studio, and doing some live/studio work as a hired singer and guitarist...

What's your opinion about what's going with Iraq?

Here is my perspective, as a musician...

(written by Bumblefoot March 20th, 2003)

The world is dividing itself over political issues. We need to be above it, and see each other not as a member of a country, but as a member of humanity. We've all been reduced by politics - we need to raise ourselves to something bigger. At a time when the world is poisoned with disagreement, WE, the musicians, need to focus on what we agree on and what we love.

Politics divides the same people that music connects. Politicians and Governments change every few years, but music will be with you your entire life. The world is not made of countries and dividing-lines on maps - it's made of people that have the same heart and spirit everywhere. So, in a world of people, not places, political passion becomes obsolete and hate becomes pointless - musical passion is the opposite. Countries don't last forever, people don't last forever, but music can. Perhaps this makes music mightier than us all.  Let's not be slaves to the things that divide us, and concentrate our passion on what can bring us all together...

We don't need to choose between patriotism to our country and patriotism to our soul - we can have both.  We have the power to choose how each will drive us and define us.  In a time of political disagreement, we don't need to abandon spiritual agreement.

This too shall pass.   And in the end, how will we look back and see *ourselves* during this time?  As someone filled with anger and hate, or as someone trying to bring something better to the world, at a time it's needed most?

Remember - when the world gets ugly, we musicians need to rise higher than it and provide the world with something better.

With love,