APRIL 2003

Bumblefoot - Forgotten Anthology

Songs that span from 1995 to 2002 create this highly anticipated anthology of some of Bumblefoot's work. The first four songs were to be on a Ron Thal album but were regrettably rejected by the music label for being too negative. Boo! Tracks 5 through 10 are gritty metallic uppers that traverse through the speaker wattage into your bleeding ears. It's amazing that these were recorded back in 1998 because they sound as fresh as yesterday's laundry. And check out the funky “Bagged a Big 1” that for some reason conjures up a vision of an old MC 900 Ft. Jesus track with its Anthony Kiedis-styled vocals. Gotta love that big belch too. Weird, mind-blowing, and definitely eclectic—exactly what you would imagine coming from our friend Bumblefoot.

- J-Sin