A Burt Bacharach cover and an entourage that has everything Mike Patton has ever done saved in their memory. That should give you a quick inkling into Bumblefoot (aka Ron Thal) but justice isn’t done with that quick assessment; instead we need to dig deeper into the groovy funk metal that likes accompanying weirdness in a smoky lounge. Sound a bit odd and quirky? Well his production, songwriting, and musician credits include Jessica Simpson, MTV, CNN, Leann Rimes, Cher, and Roadrunner Records. 

Combine that with sporadic MTV Europe coverage for his video to “T Jonez” and material that was licensed for Undressed, Sausage Factory and the rating junkies themselves—The Osbournes. So yes, he is the protégé of one esteemed Mike Patton but all similarities aside he is one unique character able to spout off angry lyrics in a tirade and then jump straight into lounge funk with a deep-throated sneer. The guitarwork is supreme and the production and mixing is off kilter yet is richer than a French perfume. Soon the statement “Uncool is cool” is going to be even more of a cliché.


#1 Bumblefoot
- Uncool
Download - III Steps Forward
Tribes of Neurot - Adaptations and Survival
Seb Fontaine - Perfecto Presents: Horizons
Tangelo - Year of Saturdays
7th Nemesis - Promo CD
Dredg - El Cielo
Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends
Shadows Fall - Art of Balance
The Streets - Original Pirate Material

J-Sin 11/2002

Gitaar Plus magazine
(Netherlands) NOV 2002

Cover photo, feature interview