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BUMBLEFOOT - Hands (1998 hermit inc.)

Ron Thal certainly knows how to make you wonder. This cd is no exception.
Hands is a groovy rocker, with a detuned riff that sets the mood. The solo is AMAZING, a little vocabulary of rock guitar. Hangry, but still melodic. Well done.
Swatting flies is another rock tune, with the right amount of raw sound and in your face Marshall feeded riffs. Another solo which is at least unconventional. Some great pentatonic feel, and then absolute craziness. I love that stuff!!!
What I knew starts as a Rage Against The Machine type riff and vocals (but Ron's voice is way better than DeLaRocha), and after a funky-rock chorus Bumblefoot kicks in with a latin solo. Twice, AMAZING!!!
Shrunk has a punky attitude, very angry; the solo is very energetic, you'll definitevly want to learn how to play it.
Dummy is an angry redhotchilipepper type of song (once again, the singin' is way better than Kiedis'). Very groovy, with an energetic solo which kicks into an incredible flurry of notes.
Chair ass is the most incredible song of the whole album. You'll keep playin' it again and again, just to try to understand what's on that genius' mind!!!! The riffs is once again a rappy angry thing, and you'll find yourself bangin' your head along the tune, without a possibility to stop. And then the solo... WOO-HOO!!!! Can't describe it with words. You just need to listen to it.
Noseplugs is pure Ron Thal: a non-conventional type song (ain't you bored sometimes of hearin' a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-chorus-solo-chorus song??? You won't have this problem with Bumblefoot), with stupid but yet nice lyrics: about stinkin' breath!!!
Vomit starts with a pseudo funky riff, with some interestin lyrics on top of it. The distorted break once again prooves that Ron knows how to write songs that are really unconventional but still keep the listeners interested, and he never forgets melody. Okay, okay , a twisted one, but it's still melody!!! The solo is really great, but I think I don't need to say it again: everythin' Ron plays is really interestin'!!!
Brooklyn Steakhouse has a funky wha-whaized riff which turns into a bass&cello(!!!) interlude, than kicks into a punk-hardcore chorus. The solo is one of the best of the entire album, with a great tappin' with thimble passage.
Drunk is a funny funny song, with some jazzy verses, a great distorted chorus and some instrumental breaks which will just make you laugh. Imagine a drunk tryin' to play a solo...
Backfur is once more a great example of how Bumblefoot can write a song fusin' many styles and have continuity and a great flow. The Platters playin' with a nu-metal band? Probably...
Tuesday in Nancy is an introspective, quiet song. Just relax a little bit before you face...
Dirty Pant'loons is one of my all-time fave songs. Really diffrent. Really strange. Really great.
Cactus is a hidden track, with a great duet with saxophone and a hi-energy guitar solo...

Go get it NOW !!!!!!!

Rating: 10