~by Eric Rasmussen

It's not often that you find artists who truly defy categorization. Unfortunately, it's much more common to hear things like "It's not often that you find artists who truly defy categorization." It's been said so much that it's probably starting to lose its value, and if I hadn't managed to say it twice already, I'd probably say it again. So what enigmatic and awe-inspiring figure might I be referring to? None other than the man known as...


That sounds a lot more impressive when it's built up with a drum roll and a massive french horn section, but we're working on a limited budget here. Luckily, we did manage to put together reviews of Bumblefoot's three CDs, along with a nice interview to give you some insight into the man behind the bumblebee foot... thingy. Start clicking anytime now.

Bumblefoot - Hands (CD Review)
Bumblefoot - 9/11 (CD Review)

Bumblefoot - Uncool (CD Review)
and the Bumblefoot Interview