Excerpts from interview with Bumblefoot's Ron Thal. by Ron Scalzo
Yellow Rat Bastard magazine, Spring 2001

Yellow Rat Bastard magazine, Spring 2001 In a musical area dominated by boy bands, Pearl Jam-clones that refuse to die, pre-teen divas & angry white rappers, one wonders how a band like Bumblefoot, a New York-based "rock" band with no connection to the sound or trends of today’s "popular" music, survives. In the States, they are refreshingly original and underground.  Led by founding member & ringmaster Thal, a Bizarro Elvis who so obviously yearns to be a lounge singer while masterfully & effortlessly wielding a guitar shaped like Swiss cheese, Bumblefoot creates a whirlwind of tongue-in-cheek brilliance. Their latest album, "Uncool," recalls the fearless lyrical quality of Frank Zappa & the musical ferocity of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

YRB: Acts like Primus, Frank Zappa & Mr. Bungle have made a living poking fun at themselves. Do you think taking a similar stance, as it is apparent Bumblefoot does both lyrically & musically, is a blessing or an unavoidable burden?
RON: It's good to laugh at yourself, or else you'll be able to hear everyone else laughing at you.

YRB: Ron, you’ve been known to build your own guitars - 2 of these are shaped like swiss cheese, & a big foot with wings, respectively. What was the inspiration for these?
RON: Well, one was inspired by Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese is yellow, with holes in it, and my guitar is yellow with holes in it. The other guitar was hand-made by French guitar company "Vigier" - this one was inspired by a big foot with wings.

YRB: If you had a choice of any band or artist you could tour with, who would it be & why?
RON: I'd like to open for Buddy Hackett, or do a show with Busta Rhymes.

Yellow Rat Bastard magazine, Spring 2001

Yellow Rat Bastard magazine, Spring 2001

YRB: What would the name of the tour be?
RON: "BUMBLEFOOT, with special guests Buddy Hackett and Busta Rhymes"

YRB: Bumblefoot is run by Bumblefoot - producing, engineering, promotion, band business, etc. What do you get out of being in control of your own destiny?
RON: At the end of my life, I can look back and be satisfied. I can say that my successes and failures were my own, and nobody kept me on puppet strings.

YRB: What can the masses expect from Bumblefoot in the 21st century?
RON: If we told you, that would be predicting the future, and would hex things. But in the 21st century, I can easily see the emergence of hovercrafts. I also think a wise choice in the 21st century will be using more diesel gas - in calculators, running shoes, wristwatches - they'll use alot less gas than cars, and burn cleaner - it will greatly help our quest for cleaner air. I also see a greater use of soybeans in non-food applications - perhaps computers, or to power machines to help harvest even more soybeans.