I'm at a complete loss of words. How can I describe a band that implements everything from Metal, Funk, Rap, Classic Rock and everything in between.   Not to mention they're friggin funny, listen to these song titles; "Dummy", "Chair Ass", "Noseplugs", "Vomit", "Backfur", a love song called "Drunk", and an actual song referring to pooping your pants in grade school... They definitely have a twisted sense of humor.   The thing is you don't notice or pick up on it until you actually read the lyrics... this band is solid, tight, and very talented. 

Now, I really don't know where I'm going with this review, they really are difficult to explain.  The first third of the CD is more of a Funkadelic Metal trip, almost a heavier version of the Chili Peppers in they're earlier days, except much cleaner production.  Then about halfway through or so it starts gettin' weird, like track 7, "Noseplugs".   I can't even explain it, but like a good car wreck, it gets your attention.   And it gets more bizarre from there with songs that are broken up by strange noises.  I'm STILL not sure what to think at this point.   I do really like the sound of them more than the song structure, it's a bit hard to follow, but again, mesmerizing in a way, you want to, no, you need to keep listening... what the hell's gonna happen next!

What really stands out is their appreciation for a good guitar solo, something you wouldn't expect from a modern band, but holy shit, there's some shredding going on here that would make Yngwie blush!  There's also some great harmonies at times, Ron Thal is a very good singer, but seems to be even more of a character, some of the lyrics and the way they are delivered are out there, but it works.   I don't know whether to laugh or cry at times, it's OUTRAGEOUS.

This is a very entertaining band, there's no doubt about it.  There's also no doubt they are world-class musicians.  I do wonder about they're state of mind however!  Words to describe them: Unorthadox, progressive, heavy, bizzarre, orginal, and talented.  I won't do any more comparisons, because they're really isn't anything else like this that I've heard of.  You WILL find something you like here that is for sure... you will also find something that will disturb and intrigue you.  All in all, Bumblefoot needs to be heard to be appreciated!