AQUARIAN Weekly Magazine
FEB 24 - MAR 2, 1999

The Grind review (Aquarian Weekly mag, Feb 99) BUMBLEFOOT/Hands/Hermit Inc.

    Have you ever gotten a CD that is so good and perfectly delivered that, although you enjoy the release tremendously, you dislike the performer for being so damn talented?  You scream, "God, why isn't it me?"  You feel like the bad guy trying to kill Amadeus.   Well, Ron Thal, former Shrapnel Records madman and the man behind this disc, should be hated.  The whole world should hate Bumblefoot.  We should protest bands like Bumblefoot.  We should all get together and start PFHBC: People For Hating Bumblefoot Campaign.  This isn't fair.  Available thru Hermit Inc. and in local stores, look for next issue for more details.

-Mike Chlasciak  

The Grind #1 pick (Aquarian Weekly mag, Feb 99)