excerpts from interview with Ron Thal
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Question 1: Do you think there are houses built exactly on the line that separates different time zones, where it could be 5:00 in the kitchen, and 6:00 in the dining room? And if so, do you think it would cause MORE arguments or LESS arguments about being late for dinner? Could you re-live a moment, or add an extra hour to your day by moving to the next room?

Answer: No. I think the lines that separate time zones move around small landmarks such as houses, animals or shoes, or even houses. This renders the other parts of the question to have no value. I'm insulted that you would even ask them.

Question 2: Which vegetable do you have the most respect for, and why?

Answer: The potato, for it's versatility. It can be baked, mashed, fried into a variety of shapes - from waffle cuts to crinkle cuts to plain old frites with or without the skin... they can be boiled, hollowed out and filled with bacon, turned into flour for making bread, they work with butter, cheese, cream, ketchup, they work well with meat or eggs, vegetables, almost anything. And almost any spice works - salt, chives, cayenne pepper... they make a good paper weight, stamp (you can carve the shapes of letters into them and dip them in ink), and they work with any international cuisine. And they come in many types - red, white, brown... this is why they are called the "apple of the Earth"... potatoes are an active part of our life. So are soybeans.