Bumblefoot "Hands" CD lyrics


Bumblefoot "Hands" CD



Hands untied speak my mind
I had so much to say
For longest time the words weren't mine
I died an empty slave

I lost my sense of touch (I lost my sense of me)
And I was drunk with puke (shrunk every time I breathed)
My hands told wasted time (my time was not complete)
I killed time swatting flies (while roaming landfill stink)

I lost my sense of sight (cause through my hands I see)
And what I knew wasn't true (the dummy wasn't me)
I took my coat of pins (and turned it inside out)
I rid my bones of skin (and rid myself of sound)

Hands, tired hands, dirty pants
The cardhouse man fell down
Now silence is peace - speaks to me
What once was said by sound


I'm free
I'm remembering who I am
My hands can feel again...

Swatting Flies

I'm down here by myself
Pickin' dust off the shelf
Company I don't need I don't like to share
I'm surrounded by spies
I feel their segmented eyes
Burnin' holes in my back with predator stare

Something's fillin' my space
Someone's takin' my place
Something's circlin' interrupting my prayer
And I was sick as a dog
And I was lickin' the frog
And I was fillin' the hole I dug in the air

And I was alone - just the two of us
And I heard a drone - so I looked around
To find the sound - yeah, up and down
On the ground - it was you and I swatting flies

Something's suckin' my spine
Swallowin' all that is mine
I'm kissin' the leeches that bury their heads in my skin
Now I'm pickin' my locks
Now I'm breakin' my box
Embracing the kindness of parasites tryin' to get in



What I Knew

So break the chain, deflate the pain
And erase the hate of the place you fell in
You dwellin' in stink and your mind goes slowly
Shrinking, breaking down in the sour soup

The mind is tickin' on borrowed time
And your heart won't beat on the jump start
You're 28 feet beneath the ground
And you won't be climbin' soon

Never would have been with you, knewing what I knew
Never would have give you love, doing what I do
Too late to give you up, knewing what I knew
Look what I knew...

I knew nothing - there was something there
And I saw it - I just didn't care
And now it's got me by the hair
Nurturing my face in shit

The truth was hanging right behind my head
Like a fat carrot on a stick
Now I move forward dumb and blind
Or backward chasing it



Headshrinker workin' my flava try to rearrange my psych try to voodoo my child
Bloodletter fryin' my egg chewin' my leg leechin' off my pain suckin' my brain
Big thinker masqueradin' mannequin manipulator dominator slave trader breakin' me takin' me

I don't need all your therapy
I'm alright without your insight
I was fine till you took my mind - that's when it shrunk

Chain me crack your whip on my bad trip taking me away reshapin' my clay
You're diggin' through me like a squatbug siftin through mindmud looking for a shiftkit - finding it


Disablin' me you keep labelin' me you keep stickerin' me vandalizin' my skull
Tag me bag me drag me on down and ya finger my head like a 10 pound ball
You got a term for everything I think wormin' your way into my say clashin' my wave
Crushin' my skeleton shadowin' my light blurrin' my sight splinterin' my crutches


A frown is a smile in an upside-down world


Shoo fly outta my sty go away and don't
Relay no g'by-by-bye', just wanna get
On with a real thing, like it but don't need it if you
Give it just to get back more for you

And I was ticking my tock but you say you rather
Get dickin' with my dock, you're lookin' for a
Free ride on my time, steppin' on my good side
Played me let you get your way, let you on top

You stabbed me in the back
Stuck your arm in the hole
Put your hand in my head
Kept me in your control
You sat me on your lap
Took my freedom of choice
You opened up my mouth
Made me talk with your voice

And I looked like the dummy
And I looked like the dummy
But I was really you
But I was really...

Mr. Fatsuit never looked like you
Tell me why you think I gotta live it like you
By your rules smile like fools never ask
Why nothing in it for me, cause you set it all for you

Your way got you where you are, my way
Gonna get me twice far. You don't wanna be
Surpassed, outclassed, but you know you won't last, so you
Bite my lip till I say that you're on top


Chair Ass

I've got a chair attached to my ass for 13 hours every day
Add two more after and before, just getting there and away
Like thrown meat landing on a seat - just vegetating in decay
I'm squattified - too settled in, and melting into pear-shaped dismay

Shapes and textures etched into my back on few occasions whence I stand
Impressions of a cushion pressed into a lazy man
The furniture acts like a cookie-cutter - reforming me like wooden hands on flattened dough
Till I tear the glue of hair and sweat and go

The vinyl interlocked with dimples grips my body
Till I'm just a finished pile of human relic on a legged place-mat
I fall between the tensing cracks - I feel trapped on the tracks
I don't need feet - I'm levitated by the seat - yeah, I've got chair ass

Yeah, no, something gone wrong
Here, gone, too late, I'm done

My blood pools in my thighs
I bloat and swell cold till I rise
Numb I stand, arms in clammy palms, rubber bones give at the knee
Ankles thick but empty, couldn't hold the gelatin mold
Watch the cardhouse man fold

Yeah, no, something gone wrong
Here, gone, too late, I'm done
Yeah, no, gone, too late, I'm done
Yeah, no, gone, too late, I'm done


I could never be unkind
Easy words are hard to find
Let me give it one good try
God, I think that something crawled in your mouth and died

Whatever it was
It died from an unnatural cause
Virus helps it decompose
Ill from a septic drainage pipe while roaming a landfill

I smell you from a mile away
I see how you peel the paint
I can see the fragile faint
The architecture of society has a crack

And you break it down
The hills turn to flattened ground
I can hear the sirens sound
Heavy breathers run for cover the other way

It's a good thing grandpa hung onto that old bomb shelter,
Even though the cold war ended,
It's intended use is to protect the masses

Stomach acid on your breath
You taste like kissing death
The garlic soap you bought worked well
To cover the smell of ol' Assy Pickins

Knocking down your door
Making babies on your floor
Killing daisies down the hall
I know that you never thought he would
Come back and be your side kick

Driving 'long side in a Wildwood tram car but no one can see him
But you, and you defy physics when you go to movie theatres
And you insist on two tickets, and you have him sit next to you
In a seat that someone sits in, but they move when you talk to him

(Thank God for the Mod Squad so you had a hairstyle to assign him,
Though it may be slightly dated that's ok cause you accept him
As is, as is, as is, as is...


I used to think my thoughts made me mad - then I realized I was just mad, with thoughts
Taught my hands to speak my mind - the inside of a fist is soft
Had 6 strings to take my mind off of things - to ventilate hostility with positivity
And control my aggressive tendencies - cause what I am is what you hear

It's a piece of me to outlive my flesh - and continue my bloodline
Like a child, yet complete in it's form - like a child, but you can't mold it wrong

An angry kid becomes an angry man
And the pendulum swings like a thinking mind
The pendulum swings and it passes time
Like a mood it swings me wide

Until I've lost my balance and fallen to it
Like a mindquake it puts me through it
Like a hand shake it greets me
As it cheats me of a content life

And in the end we bend to make amends
Before your own angst eats ya
And to those that made winter so cold
I hope your food repeats ya

And in my darkest room I feel my way through - guided by a short leash
Made of sound to keep down - the part of me I fear
It's a piece of me that puts my flesh to the test - gives it power
And devours my awareness - of what's waiting under my skin

...and in the end we bend to make amends
Cause any one of us can blow up
And so I'm not covered in your food before ya do
I really hope ya throw up

...and in the end we bend to make amends
Cause any one of us can blow up
Since I'll be there to collect my share
I'd like to see ya throw up


Brooklyn Steakhouse

My reservation was for 9
All heads look down
There was no clock around

I tried but couldn't make it on time
Couldn't find a lie
Watches stopped, broken clocks

My, my hands are tied
And I can't hold the lie
And I know I can never eat here again

Hey, Peter Luger, let me in
It's all my fault
Father Time - I have sinned

I missed my plate of splatterfat ribs
No one forgives
Traffic costs dirty bibs

My, my hands were tied
And I had crossed the line
And I know I can never eat here again

(I don't know what to do, nobody care 'bout no fair share
Yeah, I'm comin' up on a meat beat down
Service with a frown - cause I was late I get a cold plate
You punish me - that's not how it was supposed to be)

(I screw you and I screw me too - it's not what I meant to do
But my actions didn't live up to my intentions or my expectations
The reservation was for 4 but they just wanna show me the door
And get me outta there)

My, my hands are tied
And I can't hold the lie
And I know I can never eat here again

And I'll starve till I die
(I should have went to Vegas diner 'round the corner
Where the price is good, the food is worse, and it's in Bensonhurst)

My, my hands were tied
(You murdered my night - the food was not right
The bill was bigger than my wallet, and bigger than my appetite)

And I had crossed the line
(Another time another night I could have been better satisfied
I tried, it's gonna be the last time)

And I know I can never eat here again


You're a pain in my ass
You make me wanna die
Or kill or try to forget the remains of my life

I feel so hostile when you're around
Stumbling in the dark, through the trailer park
While the sky's falling down

I see your face in every drop of golden urine
Reflections rippling in the bowl, the room is spinning
I fall to my knees, oh God, please, I'm losing everything
Retasting nachos, exhaling beer, I love getting drunk

I faked a back injury to stay unemployed
But now the nagging pain is real
And we're both in the void

It's time for dinner, while the dog food's still cold
I'm watching the game, words grow loud and profane
I storm out the door


I used to love you many years ago
But my blood content changed
Those days so far away, and so many to go


Defacing my clothes with belly stain
And smelling like a skunk
Replacing myself in public places
I love getting...



The hair on my belly is touching my chest - the hair on my chest is touching my shoulders
It looks like I'm wearing a permanent sweater - I'm working my way toward backfur
The hair on my ass is rising up - the hair on my head is falling down
I got a spider mole that's spreading her legs - she's laying her eggs in backfur

I had a smooth body 'long time ago - then gravity gave me a few folds
Somebody shot me with a beast gun square on - the pellets were seeds of backfur
My body's 'lot wider than it used to be - too much a taste of the old country
Inherited my simian ancestry - I'm working my way toward backfur

I used to think I was invincible (10 years ago)
So many things I didn't know
I never knew how cruel the world can be (silly me)
My time was not complete
Poor me (poor me) I'm dying

I pushed my mind to a future height - and balanced with a pre-historic body type
Just give me my speedos and put me on a beach - I'm sporting my rolls of backfur
I keep a short comb on a stick - to pick out the occasional deer ticks
I can't afford electrolysis - face down I'm a rug of backfur

I'm pushing harder but I'm losing speed (moving so slow)
So many miles left to go
I knew but couldn't feel mortality (silly me)
My time was not complete
Poor me (poor me) I'm dying

I used to be a fatty fatback - an inch away from my heart-attack
I'm pushing my luck I'm chasing hot dog trucks - I'm shaded from the sun with backfur
I'm hosting a family of mosquitoes - they live beneath the thicket of Velcro
They can't find my cholesterol-high-blood-rich skin - they can't find their way out of my backfur

I didn't know my life was on the clock
Won't close my eyes anymore
A new year passes every time I blink - or so I think
My time was not complete
Poor me - I'm dying

Tuesday In Nancy

Tuesday night somebody died
While I was off living my lie
And I was blind but in my mind
All was fine to me

All must pass - nothing can last
We carry on - the line moves along
So who will cry for you?
I might - every time I breathe

Visit me in my sad dream
And tell me how I can find peace
Then tell me why the sad survive
And why we have such selfish minds
We think of our losses while your spirit flies
You took me with you - but I'll be back in time

Tuesday night someone died
But all is fine to me
Cause now I see.


Dirty Pant'loons

You never had a chance
You doodied in your pants
Pant'loons - dirty pant'loons

You did the pee-pee dance
You wet your fancy pants
Pant'loons - dirty pant'loons

I was alive for only five
Shoulda played hookie and stayed at home
Where the toilet was my own
I had to go but I was too shy

Then everything came out that was inside
And in the classroom I did cry
Oh momma come and get me soon
I got a walnut in my pant'loons


"Take me away" cried my hidden face
She held me and started down the hall
Stopped by a mop-and-bucketed man
Who with concern wanted to know all

That's when I felt something start to fall
No time for spoken words to be said
As the walnut fell from my pant-leg
He got his answer nodded his head

Can't wait for this day to end
With every moment my humility spread
I'd pay good dollar just to forget
That walnut that fell from my pant-leg

The janitor was from Winnipeg

(hidden track)

If you sit in a pot of dirt with nothin' to say - you're a cactus
If you spend all day starin' at the sun - you're a cactus
If you don't wanna get close so you wear a coat of pins - you're a cactus
If you keep your world barren like a desert - you're a cactus
If you have no face and need more space - you're a cactus
If you like to hide in the sand - you're a cactus
If you can't seem to get anything done - you're a cactus
If the company of tumbleweed is unexpected fun - you're a CACTUS!

If you fit in perfectly in an empty room - you're a cactus
If you hurt anyone who bumps into you - you're a cactus
If your social circle is you - you're a cactus
If you're referred to as "what" instead of "who" - you're a cactus
If your skin is green and you have no spleen - you're a cactus
If simple creatures think of you as mean - you're a cactus
If life-sucking weeds won't even go near ya - you're a cactus
And if balloons fear ya - you're a CACTUS!

If the world finds you abrasive - you're a cactus
If you're unique with a plain physique - you're a cactus
If you're full of wine and have no spine - you're a cactus
If you resemble a sleeping porcupine - you're a cactus
If no one wants to sit on your lap - you're a cactus
If you are full of, or considered a sap - you're a cactus...