Bumblefoot "Mafalda"

Liquid Note Records (UK) released the song "Mafalda" on their instrumental-guitar compilation CD "The Alchemists," May 2002.   Guitar Techniques magazine (UK) released a 15-minute CD-lesson in the Summer 2002 issue on the technique behind playing fretless guitar and how to play the first section of "Mafalda."  Below is a 10-second clip from the lesson, followed by the song...

Bumblefoot "Mafalda" MP3
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Written/Produced by Bumblefoot
2002 Neanderthal Noise Inc (ASCAP)
Recorded/Mixed at the Hermit Lounge NYC

Bumblefoot - Vigier fretless guitar, vocals
Sanford Oxenbery - drums
Thorndike Applethorple - bass, backing vocals
Ray Porrigsworth - vibes, backing vocals
Arramagong Gayadari - didgeridoo, backing vocals

"When I was 16, my parents bought a new house. Mom couldn't find paintings that matched the color of the living room (peach and teal) so she found a woman who'd do custom paintings that matched the colors - she painted flowers and shit. She was pretty good. One day she stopped me and my brother as we were heading out the door and started saying how she feels so much love in our family and wants to do a family portrait. It was real awkward - I mean, we were at the age where we were more interested in setting fire to the house, and we figured she's just trying to earn some bucks. Totally forgot about that moment, and while I was working on this song it all just popped into my head - I saw her face lookin' all sincere trying to sell us on the idea while we were trying to walk out the door without laughing. The woman's name was Mafalda. We didn't do the portrait."

An audio-CD was included in the Summer 2002 issue of Guitar Techniques magazine (UK) with a guitar lesson by Bumblefoot explaining how to play the song, as well as a backing track (mix of song without the main guitar) and a transcription to the song.

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