One-on-one lessons, any age is welcome, any skill level is welcome - if it's your first time picking up a guitar, that's ok.  :)  Lessons are about what you need, what you want, it's different for everyone.
Start by writing to me...

Tell me about yourself - where you're from, how long you've been playing, the kind of music you like, if you've played with a band or just in the bedroom, what your strengths are, what you want to get better at, what you want to learn specifically. Things like that.  (You must be fluent in the English language...)

Lessons are $2/minute, choose however long you'd like to go. We'll set up a day & time, I'll send you a confirmation email, PayPal me any time before the day of the lesson, then we'll get crackin'...   (please prepare ahead of time and make sure your Skype/computer is working well, no audio or video or connection issues...  thanks!)
What if's...

What if you have to cancel next week's lesson but you already paid?
Email me and we'll reschedule asap.

What if you pull a no show?
Then you're S.O.L.

What if you email less than 24-hours before the lesson asking to re-schedule?
Just as crappy as a no show, I'm still there twiddling my thumbs at an empty screen. S. O. f'n L.

What if you pay and then decide you don't want a lesson?
As long as it's more than 24-hour's notice, I'll refund the money.

What if either of us lose our web connection during the lesson?
Then we'll extend the lesson time to make up for it.

What if you decide to act inappropriately, be abusive or commit lewd visual acts during the lesson?
When I'm done cheering and throwing dollar bills at the screen, I'll be cutting our lesson short, no refund, no re-schedule. I'm cool with having fun, but I'm there to teach, you gotta be there to learn.
About me...

Adjunct Professor at SUNY Purchase College teaching music - before that I created and ran the music department for a private school (music for children, music history, jazz band, gospel choir, and individual instruction.)  Worked as a transcriber for instructional video companies.  Taught at music institutes as a private instructor and music director of student bands.  Have done clinics internationally for 25 years, and lots of articles and videos for websites and guitar magazines in the US, Europe, and Japan. Been a music coach on MTV's "Made".  I've given classes and clinics at Universities & music schools internationally, at School Of Rocks, NYU, have taught at lots of music camps, get brought out by the State Dept to teach at schools internationally, taught members of royal families, and taught children of celebrities at their home.  Have run multiple week-long music camps covering technique, theory, songwriting, arranging, ear-training, singing, recording, distribution, publishing, and gigging/touring...  biggest passion is teaching and learning :)

I've been teaching guitar, bass, vocals, music theory, engineering, producing, and band performance classes, since age 13 - always loved to learn and to share what I've learned.  My own studies began at age 7 taking one-on-one lessons studying jazz, classical, music theory...   it's a pleasure to now be sharing what I've learned along the way with you all.  :)

Email me at  The amount of email I get may sometimes be too much to respond to, I'll only be able to send a reply to the individual people I'm scheduling a lesson with.  It'll be a random selection, I'll do my best to get to as many people as I can, while I can.  Hope to see you!



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Series Introduction video

Keep checking I've recorded 22 lessons & four Bumblefoot song breakdowns that will be added throughout 2014.  Thank you!