This website is for exposing poorly folded toilet paper triangles in hotel rooms.

This is an example of a properly folded toilet paper triangle.  Although the far ends are not perfectly aligned, it has a fine point that is centered, sharp edges, and no visible under-fold. 

Rating: A

Below are some of the atrocities encountered during travels. 

*Please note, none of these triangles have been tampered with, all have been photographed in their original form.

There are certain elements to properly folded toilet paper triangles that must be.  Symmetry, sharp edges, a fine point, no visible underfolds - this is especially vital when in pairs.

Notice the soft uneven right edge of the left roll.  The right roll point is not centered.  The left roll has more of a "hang down".
Rating: a conservative B

There's an old saying in the toilet paper triangle folding world... "If there's no point, there's no point."  In other words, if you're not going to make a pointed end to your triangle, don't bother folding it at all.  Move on to another line of work where attention to detail is less crucial, and leave the door open for someone who cares about themselves and the what they're leaving behind for the betterment of others.
Rating: C

A cheap, lazy, *unforgivable allowance of deconstruction due to shoddy efforts in the side folds. You should NEVER see the underfolds, let alone an all-out unfolding.
Rating: D

Would you walk around dressed like this?  This is completely disheveled.  Creasing throughout, soft point, uneven edges, soft folding, even visible double-folds (!!!), and worst of all, sloppy freyed underfolding hanging left off the end.  If you're looking for everything wrong you can possibly do in life, model yourself after this.
Rating: F

Traveling can be stressful. But this is simply uncalled for.

I don't even know what to call these.  What's the excuse?  Was there a strong wind in the room?  I don't know what kind of half-person would express their missing character in this kind of way.
Rating: NR

These two rolls are completely lacking uniform and unrelated.  The top is a poor resting of the work of fingerless hands with zero care or consideration.  Whereas the bottom seems to over-compensate the edges and points while neglecting important factors such as quadrilateralization, and the head-scratchingly overlooked left side underfold being blatantly exposed.  It's as if two people with entirely different personalities and ethics were in the room working on this.  The only thing they have in common is a short-sighted selfish inability to envision the big picture.
Rating: F-

Creased to heck, uneven, no point, visible underfold, and a nearly empty roll isn't helping at all.  Only saving grace is the sharp right edge.  But what is it the edge of? 
Rating: D-

I simply don't have words...

Not sure how to even tabulate this.  Decent edges and point, yet the ill-set right overfold hangover, extending beyond the hardware.  How do you even make this...?
Rating: D 
*Normally an overfold would be an automatic F, but I do feel this is simply a case of a lack of schooling.

What kind of animal would leave THIS for the room occupant?

Left unstraight edge, uncentered point, tearing, VU (visible underfold), side-fray...  yet there is a fine point amidst this blender malfunction of a mess.
Rating: F+

Edges are barely even creased, and of course yielding a soft point.  Right edges are laughably elongated.  Excessive right roll hangover, as well as a major left 'roll swerve' (swerving off the roll..)  Well, at least no VU or fray.  But still.  C'mon.
Rating: F