Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal Relaunches
Award Winning Premium Hot Sauces

Bumblefoot's Hot Sauces are back!!  Natural ingredients, no preservatives, gluten free, peanut allergy safe, with flavors ranging from mild cherry bourbon "Bumblicious!" to high-energy heart-pounding "BumbleF**KED" with ginger and tropical fruit, ginseng and caffeine. 

Bumblefoot's Hot Sauces are available online at, shipping worldwide.  We're looking to build relationships with more retail stores, international distributors, pubs & restaurants - please send inquiries to  Look for Ron and the Bumblefoot hot sauces at food festivals and on tour around the world.




THE most delicious all-purpose everyday gourmet sauce!

Sweet & mild sauce with Mediterranean herbs and a roasted peppery kick.

This is THE SAUCE for Mexican, Italian, Indian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, your morning eggs...

Keep it on the table for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

1st Place Winner - ZestFest 2013, Golden Chile Award - Mild Jalapeno Sauce
1st Place Winner - ZestFest 2020, Golden Chile Award - Exotic Hot Sauce

Heat level: Mild



A sweet & savory, zesty BBQ style hot sauce with Cherry, Bourbon, Chipotle, and flavor SO good people drink it from the bottle!

Perfect on meat, fish, veggies, BBQ, sandwiches, snacks, dinner & dessert.

It's MORE than delicious...  it's BUMBLICIOUS!

1st Place Winner - ZestFest 2013, Condiments: Specialty category
1st Place Winner - ZestFest 2020, Golden Chile Award - Spicy/Sweet Sauce

Heat level: Mild



Starts with a tingle on the lips...

Then the taste of tropical fruit & ginger...

Heat rises in the back of the mouth...

Whole body heats up, deep breaths, pacing slowly, heat keeps building, uh oh...   you’ve been BUMBLEF**KED!!

Ginseng & caffeine for an added kick!



'i got BUMBLEF**KED!!' merch

Fiery red t-shirt featuring winning artwork of the "i got BumbleF**KED!!" contest, by El Kartun. If you've tried & survived Bumblefoot's hottest sauce, now you can proudly let the world know you got BumbleF**KED!! 100% Pre-Shrunk, Cotton Crew neck, Machine washable


Did you survive your taste of the explosive BumbleF**KED Hot Sauce? Here is a t-shirt especially for you, let everyone know you got BumbleF**KED!!  Featuring winning artwork of the "i got BumbleF**KED!!" contest, by Rodrigo Bastos Didier



It was 1981, at a family get-together in Brooklyn. I was 12 years old, my older cousin Steve dared me $5 to eat a hot cherry pepper - that was my earliest memory of 'the rush' you get from spicy food.  And it grew from there.  Extra wasabi with sushi... extra peppers in Thai food... extra hot sauce on Mexican food.  Always ordering things “as spicy as you can make it” and testing my limits.  Friends would get me hot sauces as gifts, I'd be eating spicy chili and *adding* 12-Million-Scoville extract to it.  People would ask, 'Do you even taste the flavor of the food anymore?'  Yes - when you've developed a high tolerance, you can enjoy the food *more*, as the heat isn't a distraction, it's a complimentary sensation to the colors and aroma and taste.  I love the rush.

With music, I've always felt such excitement in discovering new bands, new sounds.  It inspired me to learn and make music, to develop it, and eventually share it, give others the enjoyment I experienced from it all.  It's the same for anything that inspires - art, music, entertainment, knowledge, food, everything.  When you're passionate about something in life, it follows a process - you love it, then you make it, then you share it.  It was like this with music, it's the same with hot sauce.  Love it, make it, share it...

For years I've had ideas, recipes, flavors that I wanted to share.  'Brimstone' at Hound Entertainment introduced me to the masters at CaJohns Fiery Foods.  I flew out between Guns N' Roses shows in Las Vegas to CaJohns' headquarters in Ohio where with 'Cajohn' Hard and chef Steve Lawrence we played mad scientist in the kitchen and brought these flavors to life.

In 2013, after years of saying ‘someday’ I finally got to hold bottles of Bumblefoot hot sauces in my hands, a line of six sauces.  We brought them to ZestFest food festival in Dallas Texas, and three of the six sauces won 1st Place awards in their categories.

In 2019, I've re-released the sauces through my own company, featuring favorites of the previous sauce line - the award-winning all-purpose THE SAUCE (previous titled "Normal"), the award-winning zesty BBQ style sauce Bumblicious!, and the thermo-nuclear extreme-heat use-with-caution sauce BumbleF**KED.

I hope to see a growing number of stores, pubs & restaurants, food trucks, and international re-sellers carrying the sauces.  If you know one, or are one, please reach out to me at!  I'll be attending foodie events with the sauces, and bringing them with me on tour whenever I can - will keep an updated schedule of events at - hope to see you!

Final thought – cousin Steve never gave me the $5.  I still joked about it with him when he'd see me loading hot peppers onto my turkey sandwich at get-togethers decades later.  He passed away unexpectedly, before these hot sauces had come to life.  To the man who tricked me into eating my first hot pepper and started me on this journey, these hot sauces are dedicated to you.

Thank you!

Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal