Artist: Bumblefoot
Forgotten Anthology
hermit inc
April 2003

A collection of 18 songs from 1995 - 2002 that didn't get onto their intended CD releases. The songs either weren't fully written, fully recorded, or didn't fit the direction of the album. 

The music starts with 90's grunge, followed by the metal sound of Bumblefoot's "Hands" CD, then the loungy twist of "Uncool" and finishing with the experimental fretless-guitar sounds of the "9.11" CD.

track listing:
Thought I Could Fly
Day To Remember
Bagged A Big 1
heart attack
Girl Like You
She Knows
A Way Out
Wasted Away

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1995    Old, Thought I Could Fly, Apathy, Shell
These songs were written for what-would-have-been Ron Thal's 2nd album. The album's musical direction was rejected by the record label, citing it as "too dark."   Ron started from scratch and wrote in a different musical direction, for what would eventually be his 2nd released CD, "Hermit" (Jan. 1997)   The songs "Sweetmeat", "Gray" and "Unsound" on the "Hermit" CD were from this earlier collection of music.  Drums played by Mike Meselsohn from the band "Boiler Room"
1998    Meat, Day To Remember, Bagged A Big 1, Mine, heart attack, Girl Like You
After releasing the "Hands" CD in early 1998, Bumblefoot began working on the next CD, that would have had these songs on it.  When the drummer left the group, it was decided to start fresh rather than release an album featuring a key member that was no longer in the group.  "Mine", "heart attack" and "Girl Like You" were added from this collection to the French release of the "Uncool" CD in 2000.  The song "Guitars Suck" was meant to be on this CD as well, but later appeared on the guitar-oriented "9.11" CD.  Backing vocals in "Bagged A Big 1" performed by the band "Most Precious Blood"
1999    Crunch, Maricona, 13, She Knows, Myth
"Crunch," "Maricona" and "13" also appeared on the French release of "Uncool", but were cut from the final release of the "Uncool" CD.  The songs "She Knows" and "Myth" weren't completed in time to be on any of the "Uncool" releases.
2000    A Way Out, Wasted Away
"A Way Out" and "Wasted Away" were part of the first batch of songs written for the "9.11" CD, along with "Fly In the Batter", "Lost" and "Raygun."
2002    Mafalda
This song appeared on the comp CD "The Alchemists" (UK) in 2002.  The song was also published as part of an audio-CD lesson in Guitar Techniques magazine (UK) Summer 2002 issue.